Walking Fact Wednesday

Today is a very important day (see the image for the reason) — how will you mark the occasion?

The first Wednesday in April is National Walking Day.Step outside on your lunch break. Park at the far end of the lot. Take your bills to the mailbox down the block. Grab a friend and catch up while strolling.

Happy walking!

Walking Fact Wednesday

This week, we help dispel some myths (below).

But know that whatever form of motion you choose — walking, running, unicycling, roller skating — you’ve already achieved a goal. And that’s the goal of being active. Congrats! (And may you burn some calories in the process.)

The claim that you'll


Walking Fact Wednesday

Ready for Thanksgiving? Counter your eating with a quick walk or two. Whether you take a stroll to burn off some calories, distract yourself from the smorgasbord or quell your appetite, you don’t need to rack up big miles.

Happy holidays!Thanksgiving - cravings