Looking for a race?

Marathons and half marathons aren’t just for runners. If you’re a walker who can keep a brisk pace, you, too, can participate in a race.

The key is making sure that the race time limit is compatible with your walking pace.

For example, if it takes you 15 minutes to walk a mile, that’s a 4 mph pace. It would take you a little over 3:15 to complete a half marathon. Not sure of your pace? You can find a pace calculator here. So, when you’re looking for a race to do, you’d want to check the race’s time limit to ensure that course support (and finish-line services and festivities!) will be available based on when you’d still be on the course and arriving at the finish line. Race time limits are usually listed in a race website’s FAQs or in “race info” links.

Here are some races I recommend:

♦ The Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon Run/Walk

Date/Location: Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022, starting in Palmerton, PA (in the Lehigh Valley)

Along the course of the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon, 2013

Along the course of the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon, 2013

This race in particular is super welcoming of walkers — it offers awards in walking divisions (very rare for races!) and features a walker-friendly pace to boot. The time limit for the half marathon will be 4.5 hours. That translates to a  20-minute-mile pace, which is very friendly for first-timers.

In 2014, the race offered pace groups for walkers (one of those pacers was me!) and I believe that will be the case this year again. I’d be happy to help you train for this race; click here.

♦ Atlantic City Marathon and Half Marathon

Date/Location: Oct. 22-23, 2022; Atlantic City, NJ

You can’t beat a race that starts and ends on a boardwalk at the Jersey Shore! (Or alongside a beach in any state, for that matter!) This half marathon has a 3.5-hour time limit, which is a 16-minute-mile pace; the full marathon has a 6.5-hour time limit, which is not as walker-friendly.

The Baltimore Marathon and Half Marathon

Date/Location:  Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022; Baltimore, MD

This is a great race for beginners — the half marathon has a 5-hour time limit, and the full marathon has a 6.5-hour time limit. Both races start and finish at the Inner Harbor.

♦ April Fool’s Half Marathon

Date/Location: April 1-2, 2023; Atlantic City, NJ

Ditto the notes above about racing near the beach. This walker-friendly half marathon typically has a generous time limit and several miles of course on the boardwalk.

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