Walking Fact Wednesday

This week, we help dispel some myths (below).

But know that whatever form of motion you choose — walking, running, unicycling, roller skating — you’ve already achieved a goal. And that’s the goal of being active. Congrats! (And may you burn some calories in the process.)

The claim that you'll


Walking Fact Wednesday

Walk With Joelle_football field 4_CMJ

A person needs to walk the length of a football field — 100 yards — to burn enough calories to offset eating a single piece of candy-coated chocolate.

(Think plain M&M’s or similar candies.)

One serving of M&M’s is about 50-odd pieces … which means 5,000 yards of walking to burn it off. That’s equal to nearly 3 miles, or a 45-minute walk at a 4 mph pace.

Food for thought next time you rip open a package!

Have ice cream!

Today is the final day of National Ice Cream Month! Be sure to celebrate — I know I’ve done my share the past few weeks.

Once you’ve enjoyed your favorite flavor, head out for a walk to balance the scales. On average, walking burns 300 calories an hour. By “on average,” I mean if you weigh about 155 and walk 3.5 mph. Find more body weights and speeds here.

I know that what’s pictured below is more than 300 calories worth of ice cream. But I savored it after 5 hours of bike riding, so I think I mostly came out even. 🙂

Mmmmm ... ice cream!

Mmmmm … ice cream!