Walking Fact Wednesday

This week, we help dispel some myths (below).

But know that whatever form of motion you choose — walking, running, unicycling, roller skating — you’ve already achieved a goal. And that’s the goal of being active. Congrats! (And may you burn some calories in the process.)

The claim that you'll


Have ice cream!

Today is the final day of National Ice Cream Month! Be sure to celebrate — I know I’ve done my share the past few weeks.

Once you’ve enjoyed your favorite flavor, head out for a walk to balance the scales. On average, walking burns 300 calories an hour. By “on average,” I mean if you weigh about 155 and walk 3.5 mph. Find more body weights and speeds here.

I know that what’s pictured below is more than 300 calories worth of ice cream. But I savored it after 5 hours of bike riding, so I think I mostly came out even. 🙂

Mmmmm ... ice cream!

Mmmmm … ice cream!