No gym today…


New sneakers! Unsullied by salt and slush…

Instead, I took advantage of unseasonably warm temps to do my first outdoors walk since just before Christmas.

I did plan to go to the gym, but when I stepped outside, I thought, “Ooo, it’s good weather for a walk!” And outdoors trumps treadmill anytime.

Plus, it was a good way to break in my new sneakers.

Enjoy the weather if you’re in the Northeast!


Today’s walk

IMG_2312It’s not especially picturesque, but that’s OK because today’s walk took me to and from the gym, which is just over a mile from my house.

Lately my schedule has afforded me the time to walk to the gym instead of drive. The bonuses:

  • A built-in warm-up, rather than putting in 10 or so minutes on the treadmill upon arriving
  • Fresh air
  • Less time sitting in front of my computer on the slow road to death (more on this in an upcoming post)
  • Two extra miles a day added to my overall mileage tally
  • More exercise time overall — my walk there and back is longer than any warm-up or cool-down I’d do, and I generally still do the same workout I’d planned once at the gym

I realize this approach doesn’t work for everyone. It sure is a lot faster to drive to the gym than walk there, no matter the distance. But while I can, it’s a bonus I hope to keep taking advantage of.

Happy walking!

Today’s walk


My walking partner. Just couldn’t shake her! 🙂

Hey! It’s Walking Wednesday. Where will you walk today?

I took a 4.5-mile walk around my town this morning. My main intent was to work off some of the Ben & Jerry’s I ate last night. (We won’t talk about just how much Ben & Jerry’s I ate…)

Even early in the day the humidity was high, so I took it easier on the pace. Despite that, my wicking material shirt still showed giant sweat patches when I was done. Always a sign of hot weather when your quick-dry-material workout clothes aren’t dry!

Happy walking!

A shady stretch on this morning's walk

A shady stretch on this morning’s walk

Today’s walk

Today’s walk was for a great cause. I led (and joined in on) a one-mile walk as part of a special event. The event is called Wings for Hope, and it’s presented by Cancer Support Community of Central New Jersey. It’s held in honor of National Cancer Survivors Day and is meant to be a celebration for cancer survivors, an inspiration for people just beginning their cancer journey, a gathering of support for all those affected by cancer, and an outreach to the Central New Jersey community.

CSC is the organization where I teach a weekly Wellness Workout, and I was happy to help with the event — and the walk in particular.

More than 100 people of all ages signed up to do the 1-mile loop near the organization’s office in Bedminster. Although the skies were gray, there was no rain.

Congratulations to CSC for putting on such an inspirational event.

Walkers along Route 202-206 in Bedminster today

Walkers along Route 202-206 in Bedminster today

Seen on a walk

This made me do a double take. I can’t quite figure out the thought process here.

Cemetery sentiments ...?

Cemetery sentiments …?

Vengeance? “[Evil cackle…] You’re right where you belong, you jerk! Enjoy!”

A fervent belief in the afterlife? (In which case: I can’t imagine the sign’s sentiment really conveys the depth of what there is to appreciate. I mean, “Enjoy!” is what your waiter usually says upon presenting your entree.)

Either way, a long walk often presents many things to ponder.

Today’s walk

The need to do some higher mileage as I train for a half marathon, plus sunshine and nonfreezing temperatures, finally got me walking outside today.

If you read my last post, it might help shed some light on why it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve gone to the gym but hadn’t been able to bring myself to brave the cold outdoors for longer than house to car/car to gym.

About 2.5 miles into an 8-mile walk, just me and my shadow.

About 2.5 miles into an 8-mile walk, just me and my shadow.

As a half marathon on May 3 looms, though, thankfully the weather coincided with my need to do about 8 miles of walking. I’ve done that distance on the treadmill before (and did 6.5 on it a few weeks ago, thanks to the theater room at my gym — watching a movie makes the miles zoom by), but knew I really needed to get in some outdoor mileage.

After several months on the treadmill, it’s important to get re-conditioned and ready for a race without the assistance the machine gives me, on the unyielding surface of pavement. And to be sure, my speed was noticeably slower outdoors than in.

But that’s OK — I know it won’t take long to get back up to true speed.

I did an almost-8-mile loop from my town into the next and back. I love walking early in the morning, when traffic is light and most of the world is still waking up. I left the earbuds at home so I could enjoy the sound of birds — just that and my thoughts for almost 2 hours.

One thing I forgot about taking a walk outdoors: The near heart attack you get when a dog comes out of nowhere, charging up full bark on the other side of a fence you’re walking alongside. (What’s even scarier is when it’s one of those invisible fences, and you’re not sure until the last second if there’s any barrier between you and dog!)

As my walk progressed, I was waiting for the rewarding vibration of my FitBit, notifying me I’d reached my 10,000 step goal. Nada.

When I got home, I logged in and saw that it had just 8,500-and-change steps listed. Seems low for nearly 8 miles! But what was worse was my “active minutes” — just 11? Seriously? Sometimes I think that only something like jumping-jacks or burpees counts as “active minutes” where FitBit is concerned.

In my book? 2 hours of walking counts!