Today’s walk

IMG_2312It’s not especially picturesque, but that’s OK because today’s walk took me to and from the gym, which is just over a mile from my house.

Lately my schedule has afforded me the time to walk to the gym instead of drive. The bonuses:

  • A built-in warm-up, rather than putting in 10 or so minutes on the treadmill upon arriving
  • Fresh air
  • Less time sitting in front of my computer on the slow road to death (more on this in an upcoming post)
  • Two extra miles a day added to my overall mileage tally
  • More exercise time overall — my walk there and back is longer than any warm-up or cool-down I’d do, and I generally still do the same workout I’d planned once at the gym

I realize this approach doesn’t work for everyone. It sure is a lot faster to drive to the gym than walk there, no matter the distance. But while I can, it’s a bonus I hope to keep taking advantage of.

Happy walking!

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