Happy anniversary!

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Walk With Joelle. (Or, as Monica on Friends would say, “Happy blogiversary!”)

flag-655337I hope over the past year you’ve been entertained, informed, inspired or motivated by what you’ve read here. Or maybe all of the above. My intent is to do all of those and, in the process, encourage enthusiasm about living a healthy lifestyle. It’s so easy to think short-term, but working to stay fit and healthy has enormous long-term benefits.

In honor of this occasion, some number crunching:

Number of posts: 63

Some of the most popular: “Keeping pace,” “Top advice for keeping a resolution,” “Not so sweet,” “One million bucks

Some of the least: “Guilty as charged,” “It goes both ways

Number of miles an average person walks in one year: Roughly 1,100

Number of people who did a half marathon in the past year: More than 2 million

Record-setting age of the oldest woman to finish a full marathon, which occurred in May: 92 (so inspiring!)

Number of ideas I have for future posts: Too many to count, so keep reading!

Thanks for your support over the past year and I hope you will continue to be entertained, informed, inspired and/or motivated by Walk With Joelle.

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