It goes both ways

Today I was having quite a case of the Mondays. Didn’t sleep well at all last night, found myself easily annoyed most of the day, and had very little desire to apply myself to my to-do list at work.

And Monday evenings are when I teach an hour-long walking class. Tonight was the fifth week, and it was the first time I felt myself sort of wishing I could just go straight home from work, rather than hold class. Plus, there was a threat of thunderstorms, and although we’ve held our walking class indoors once before, I thought that might be a deterrent to attendance.

But then an awesome thing happened.

I got to the classroom, started setting up, started greeting members as they came in — and started feeling a boost in my mood. Not only was the weather not a deterrent but it was the biggest class attendance to date!

As we got underway, everyone seemed to be in a great mood and having fun. I found myself making a few light jokes and getting into the groove of teaching the class. I’d grumbled to myself earlier about how having to hold class indoors would likely cause the hour to drag by, but on the contrary it went faster than I expected.

At the end, to my surprise, there was even a smattering of “great class” applause.

I don’t say the last sentence or any of this to pat myself on the back. Instead, I relate this story as an illustration of how the class can inspire and motivate the teacher. How exercise can brighten your mood, whether you’re in the back row trying to follow along or up front leading the way.

So tonight… thanks to my class for sweeping away my case of the Mondays.

Cheer, illustrated / Photo by Chris M. Junior

Cheer, illustrated / Photo by Chris M. Junior

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