Today’s walk

With wind chills in the single digits this morning, I opted to join my husband at the gym instead of layering on the cold weather gear and braving the outdoors.

So, bring on the dreadmill! (That’s not a typo, even though my computer keeps wanting to correct it. It’s a nickname for the treadmill, most commonly used this time of year.)

I chose one on the second floor of the gym, so I could at least distract myself by watching other people work out (which actually was more motivating than I expected). I dialed up my iPod’s hour-long walking playlist, which I set up to correspond to certain walking speeds, and got started.

One hour, 4 miles and 300 calories later, amen for those feel-good endorphins brought on by exercise!

Coming soon: A post on maintaining an exercise plan through the doldrums of winter. In the meantime, here was my morning view.



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